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If you are not yet in medicare benefits age range, or you have taken care of yourself properly , then  maintaining your WELLNESS should be your first line of defense against father time.

Its not too late to begin investing in your own wellness and still receive great returns later.
Small steady improvements and accumulated positive choices in your:

diet and nutrition

exercise and body movement

stress management

can give you more control over enjoying the later parts of your life, and help ensure you will get there!

There is another oft-overlooked part of being healthy that I personally think matters more than all the others. You could put it in the realm of Mental health, but I like to call it

There of course are services available for crisis situations like homelessness, domestic violence, foreclosure and the lot. Psychiatric and medication maintenance services for the un-rehabable population.  Institutionalization for those forced to give up and mentally check out.

But what about the rest of us, the functional majority, that despite income or assets still secretly feel like they’ve fallen through the cracks?

Everything around us degrades our family and makes us think that being an individual is more desirable a goal than working together as a team of friends and family.
That having a product or a ‘win’  or an acknowledgement for YOURSELF is more ideal than sharing both the credit and responsibility for whatever kind of success can be created.

People are taking too much on themselves and not sharing it, for fear of alienation or embarrassment or a multitude of other reasons.
Our families suffer when we feel alone, fragmented, misunderstood…We need to begin to be open with one another, stranger and neighbor alike. Okay maybe thats a little hippie era ideal but the point is

Stress kills! Often Slowly and Painfully!  Sometimes quickly and painfully!

I could     stick in some stats about the rates of heart disease, smoking, drinking, obesity, promiscuity, suicides, overdoses, homicides, car accidents due to cell phone or domestic arguments etc. here, but I’d rather let you scare yourself silly by inviting you to google it on your own (after you finishing reading this, of course.)

Just because I’m not teetering off the proverbial cliff doesn’t mean I don’t need someone to show me the next few possible turns on my path.

We need to have support groups, safe networks for our family situations, places to get both respite and motivation and a place where we can honor our family for being a family. So that the destructive things we do to ourselves are not necessary and  and we can live a long and happy life.

I envision community centers with activities for all ages, in support of familes; but right now it starts by just getting know each other through conversations, discussions, and events.


How do YOU feel about it?

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