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Im getting to that age when chat about healthcare creeps into conversations between neighborhood gossip, current events and hair tips.. The days when living off a redbull, 3 chicken wings, some bar peanuts and 4 hours of sleep for an entire weekend are not that far behind us; yet everyday I am reminded a little more that as close as it is, it’s never coming back.

Im blessed to be still young and healthy enough to not need daily prescription meds or anything. Other than STD scares (whew, happily mutually monogamous!) and freak accidents people in my age range (14-60) are ignorantly ambivalent about taking care of our health.  Sadly even more, is the fact that it is the accumulation of stress and poor coping in this life phase that will kill us in the next one.

That being said, we cannot stop time, but we should be aware of our options for managing the clock a little.

For some of us, the luxury of ignorance, or even ambivalence is no longer an option.  Healthcare must be undertaken, managed, negotiated. The process can be time consuming, overwhelming, expensive, complicated…. I need health insurance like I need (to be able to repair) a hole in my head!
Now that I’m ready to start thinking about it, what do I need to consider? What level of coverage do I need? And what type? Just vaccines and screenings? Routine visits with a practitioner, dentist and optometrist? Specialists or alternative medicines like allergists or chiropractors?

What are my rights ? What are my needs? How much should it cost? And what can expect from services? what are my service options? Do I buy bundle, or should I get it ala carte?

What if I need or want non-traditional services, like reiki or acupuncture? What if I am high-risk because have a disability, a chronic illness, or I got injured or ill recently and do not qualify for traditional coverage at a reasonable rate?

Since I don’t think most of us have time to major in Health Maintenance Organizations. There needed to be a place where I could find out more information in my leisure, little by little; or talk to people in my kind of situation and see what they did. So we made one.


How do YOU feel about it?

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