Environ-mental Awareness

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should be known and understood

Eco-Environmental issues are a universal concern.

Because of the nature of an urban environment, sometimes the importance of our surrounding ecological environment goes under-appreciated and unrecognized.

Addressing environmental blight can be divided into to two sub categories of environmental localism.

How beautiful our community is, may seem like a surface concern, but the reality is, our neighborhood and homes are a reflection of pride and ownership in our community.

Eco-environmental blight in the form of abandoned houses, vacant lots, litter (even the type of litter) all depreciate the value of the community from both a social perspective and from a psychological perspective.

Eco-environmental blight is a constant, insidious reminder that someone doesn’t care; at least not enough. It’s subtly disparaging to a person’s self-esteem, and their perception of safety and wellness in their community.

And it’s just plain disrespectful.

Most of the time, a safe and stable community also ends up being clean and well kept. But many might not realize that simply the act of cleaning and maintaining a community can become a means to making it safer and more stable.

The Eco-Environ-Mental page seeks to examine ways to improve Physical blight through citizen action with community campaigns.


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