God Bless the Government


There are not enough websites to hold all the b.s. rhetoric floating around about how bad our system is and blah, blah, blah the government sucks. Yeah a fraction of it might be true, but this is not the platform to entertain that.
We still live in America. God Bless America.

Our government grants us a massive amount of freedoms and rights; and protects them.

Our government makes sure things are stable enough so that we can conspire to prosper.

The government wants us to succeed because they are funded by our revenue, for our benefit.

Government regulates capitalism in a manner that still today, despite its faults allows the small business, comfortable life dream to still exist. It’s part of what makes us democratically American.
This protection alone has the power to structure change in our communities; but it can’t end there…

In partnership with social programs and socially responsible businesses, YOU have the power to voice change.


One thought on “God Bless the Government

  1. Thank you for this post. If God ever stops blessing America, we are going down. And fast. “Survivor” wont be a TV show, but a reality.

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