Business: An economic axe to grind

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Everything from that pizza shop down the street to the bank a few blocks away is someones dream, and they are living it.

They have investment in the community both financially and for the sake of their customers or targeted demographic.
It is these businesses that funded our administration’s ability to protect and nurture us so we can make more of them; to grow the economy.
Its is these businesses that provide the goods and services we need to each find our own comfort and happiness in the day to day, whether its a daycare center or a barbershop.
It is these industries that provide income and healthcare for employees and their families, so that they can in turn support new businesses like supermarkets and restaurants and keep the money moving around, changing hands ‘stimulating the economy’.
The spending and circulation of money is what exercises the economy to keep it healthy and strong.

When a few people are holding it in big trusts or corporations and nobody else has much left to spend

so they save what they income they have, in preparation for not having

and spend only minimally this causes ripple effects that are evidenced in our current world events everyday now.

It is a big deal, a major privilege and responsibility on so many levels to be a business owner.

To provide employment. To provide the ability for someone else to learn a skill, provide for their families, maintain their healthcare, assist them in paving the way (through saving their income) for their own future dreams.

To create jobs; to create consumers, spenders; and stimulate the economy, to pay taxes; and thus gain protections and guidance from the government.

To provide for a community, a good or a service, in your own special way… To be a small business is really a crucial thing.

I find it curious that something with so much responsibility in the community is considered a separate soulless entity; the corporation.

Those large companies with automated stock quotes make it tough for anyone to compete. And what they do with they power? Well sift through paperwork and legal drafts of corporate holdings, gross revenues blah, blah, blah and maybe you can find out.
I have to remind myself that behind that separate shell are usually people and values. Especially small and local businesses.

Small business is special. When a local business grows a community grows around it.
The 'old town' in the museum
Local business can have a BIG impact on a local economy and community. Even on as small a level as a neighborhood or even a single block.

They can enhance a community even more effectively if they partner with social programs and capitalize on government incentives .
It’s not just about revenue to a start-up, it’s about doing what one loves, satisfying a certain need for a certain type of person.

It’s about making connections and turning ideas into reality;
and reality into income;
and income into security and comfort for oneself and ones family.

Entrepreneurs may invest more time, effort, money and accomplishment in their endeavors often-times than in their mates and families.

Startups can be overwhelming, expensive and like a pipe dream…

But that dream is the key to the American dream.

Bootstrapping, crowdsourcing and innovating are the foundation (pun intended) of our country. Keep your community prosperous, start a Community Campaign!


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