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Don’t just sit there, DO something!

We should give serious thought to who holds the power to change our communities.

The first and foremost thought I hope you had was
‘ourselves’ or the community members or ‘me’ or something to that effect,
cause yes it ultimately boils down to each and every one of us working together.
Development team

Both businesses and social programs stand up for us enjoying freedom or being lost to haggle with our government for the things we need through socialism, or more radically, communism. They encourage innovation and the talk of newer and better.

And the government provides the structure, stability and protections through which businesses and social programs operate.

So isn’t who can help us, but who will help us change our lives and our communities dynamically for the better?

There is only one lever truly poised to initiate change. We opened the topic with the ending.

Each and every one of us. Especially working together.
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but it takes motivated people with good ideas, working together to before any profits can be realized.

They would have us believe it’s just a select few thinkers or moneybags or camera hogs who get to make all the decisions about whats popular and possible, but I (down on my knees) beg to differ.
Business 2.0 meeting thing
It takes YOU. The whole world can be changed by as little as ONE person. Or many persons with ONE vision, ONE dream, ONE ideal.
What I am talking about is becoming a change agent. A catalyst and pot stirrer.  Take those great ideas, find a place for them and begin to hold economic power within your community.

Grab a couple of friends and talk about what irks you in this city, then brainstorm one small thing you can do about it.

Join a discussion, or Create a Campaign

Do you hear that cell phone ringing? It’s your call to action.


How do YOU feel about it?

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