Vision for Philadelphia

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Setting Up the Platform for Progress

My vision is that the unique historical legacy of all Philadelphia neighborhoods be celebrated and restored.

Furthermore that a new cultural legacy be forged taking this backdrop of historical significance in mind.
Guerrero Street @21st, San Francisco
Each neighborhood should function as a micro-economy serving an expressive cultural niche.

By each neighborhood developing its own unique identity, it in turn defines and expresses the culture of our city as a whole.

It is significant to note that the ‘culture’ of a regional community is defined chiefly by its commercial and economic endeavors.

Manayunk is known for its bars and,

Chestnut Hill for its boutiques,

University City for its communal intellectualism,

South Street for its touristy charm, and

the Italian Village for its culinary delights;
don't you like it when you're walking down the street, and all of the sudden random cheerleading breaks out?
Aptly dubbed the city of neighborhoods, it’s easy, in fact downright Philadelphian to immerse yourself in the global spectrum, right from your own backyard!

The charm in Philadelphia is the eclectic variety of different cultural experiences available at any give time.

Many pockets of the city do exceedingly well, and many more are emerging, even with the economic downturn.

However, other areas have been set aside, left as ancient relics of a powerful and inspiring history otherwise forgotten.

There is still much more room for areas of creative community and economic development within the remaining underdeveloped neighborhoods, and in terms of policy and practice for the city as a whole.untitled
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