The Legacy For Philadelphia

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The community design and ultimate development of Collaborative Workspaces in Philadelphia holds numerous benefits of its own.

It connects and empowers communities and sub-communities.

It provides a new affordable alternative to enterprise and entrepreneurship that makes income generation accessible to more people.

It increases value for the city in a myriad of ways including

  • repurposing vacant and blighted areas
  • Creates beautiful assets out of former liabilities
  • Generating jobs, employment and income, thereby increasing taxable revenue
  • showcases local improvements in the national spotlight
  • creates an infrastructure of sustainable social responsibility

But the most important role I believe an infrastructure of collaborative institutions would serve would be

a community anchor institutions

The idea of collaborative workspace as an anchor institution, allows a member’s time in the space to be a pilot program, or a transition into full-fledged entrepreneurship and small business development.

By placing these spaces within the underdeveloped sections of the city, and generating the social capital and buy-in of the surrounding community, they become a clearinghouse for community change.
Dusk was close the crowd was getting bigger

Additionally, the property value of the surrounding community will likely be more affordable and realistic for newly developed small businesses.

Steering students and recent graduates toward Collaborative Workspaces offers an alternative to a frustrating job market than may help Philadelphia develop, retain, and later, attract its educated workforce.

As revenue-generating anchor institutions these collaborative workspaces will inherently encourage and facilitate physical improvements to the immediate surrounding community, whether murals, public arts displays, or potted plants as a way to change the community image.Sacramento hipsters enjoying Corner Park, Sacramento

Foundational successes are crucial to attracting the investors and financial resources necessary to stabilize the community long-term.

Establishing this type of infrastructure, will help Realize the True Legacy of Philadelphia.


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