Legacy For Philadelphia; Realized…

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The collaborative workspaces become more relevant and empowering as launching pads for defining, improving and turning around formerly blighted communities through facilitating, buttressing, supporting and incentivizing small business.
Army chef provides comfort to Soldiers and Families in central Alaska 110914

As the local community improves, coordinated through the collaborative workspaces, vacant spaces are filled with small, yet dynamic planned clusters of business and industry.

This gradually shifts the demographic balance of visitors, residents and business owners to the area which can have enlightening transformative effects on both the new and old community members.

We will begin to see foot-traffic again during the day and night, driven to the blocks of communities we plan;

a strip of boutiques for local clothing, jewelery and other fashions,
Foot Traffic

a region devoted to bookstores and publishing (dubbed literary row) replete with coffee shops and poetry readings and dark rooms.
Paragon Properties / Westwood Village

An uptown neighborhood built around performance and entertainment; that sparkles with neon lights, all hours diners, smokey clubs
and wherever you go street musicians randomly assort themselves into a hodgepodge cultural orchestra.

Banda Tanguera
A Philly French Quarter, where a cluster of cajun, barbeque, southern and soulfood restaurants compete for your taste buds and the mature crowd can always enjoy some jazz and blues and dancing at a cabaret or lounge….
Cafe Fleur-de-lis in the French Quarter

Once you see what Philly COULD be it’s hard to accept that

the only thing standing between where we are now and the future we can enjoy together


beginning the discussion.
Hot Air Balloon Festival

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