The Case for Collaborative Workspaces

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Fashioned like intimate community centers for creative individuals and communities; start-up entrepreneurs, networkers, freelancers, independent contractors, consultants and visionaries;

A collaborative workspace pioneers the business model for a new and improved stable and sustainable local economy.
Often called many related terms, collaborative work centers offer shared workspace in an open office/ lounge-type atmosphere.

These business centers have all the amenities of a traditional or satellite office such as

  • high-speed internet/wi-fi access,
  • access to computers and software,
  • desk space and conference rooms,
  • office supplies and equipment,
  • business address, file storage
  • administrative services,
  • water cooler, free coffee
  • respective quiet and social office areas

But designed with independent workers, small businesses, work from homers, telecommuters etc, in mind,

collaborative workspaces provide access to vastly more benefits and resources than renting or sharing an office alone, even beyond office amenities.

Membership to a collaborative workspace, or a short-term desk space rental may cost more than working remotely from your home, a cafe, the free library or a copy shop,
IMG_8862 (surprisingly enough, often-times, it may not!)

but membership still costs only a fraction of the price of maintaining a commercial space,

and additionally provides access to a vibrant network of motivators, potential partners, business contacts, positive thinkers and other progressives in an interactive space!
Wild Group Shot

Establishment of Collaborative Workspaces makes it simpler for various groups in the community to succeed with less capital, have access to more quality resources, and easier to connect with potential consumers, collaborators and partners.

A space of this type typically also hosts promotional events, educational workshops, community engagement activities, discussions, and exposes.

By their very nature, collaborative workspace enables engagement across disciplines.
Town Hall Meeting

More about the case for collaborative workspace design


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