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Our appeal to Creative Communities:

Not only it is necessary to develop and use social capital

to empower community and economic development block by block;

But as chief contributors to culture, creative communities

(whether as artists, architects, musicians, craftspersons, students, hobbyists, horticulturists, historians, writers, performers etc., etc.)

have the power to succeed, if they take the leadership role in this. By ‘they’ I mean ALL of us.

Within the creative community are a list of subcultures, niches, and interests, so expansive that no list could ever be truly exhaustive.

For example within the Philadelphia art community there may be textile art,

within textile art there may be upholstery, or crochet, or puppet making (or even crocheted puppet upholstery!)

People are craving solutions; and not the same old tired, bureaucratic ones;

We are at a point when Philadelphia REALLY needs some out-of-the-box help. (Even if it is crocheted teddy bear chairs!)

Who better to rejuvenate the city than small groups of the most ingenious and passionate constituents of the city!

And what better way than by promoting your passion and interest with like-minded individuals in a shared space?

The finance and support of Collaborative Workspaces for Creative Communities, should be a paramount goal of all city stakeholders

secondary only to keeping the Collaborative Workspaces relevant and accessible


But What is a Collaborative Workspace?

and more importantly, what can it become?

Collaborative Workspaces have the potential to be a creative launch pad for redefining the historical legacy of Philadelphia.




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