Collaborative Workspace Design

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"Eyes" at Williams College
The shared space allows for possibilities and challenges to be analyzed collectively by many perspectives simultaneously,

The cross-disciplinary nature of the space empowers truer comprehensive assessment, and facilitates efficiency,

which promotes high-quality decisive action for improvement.

Additionally, by establishing these communities and sub-communities in open office formats like converted warehouses and loft space the space itself becomes an asset as well as the communities it houses.

Paul Nelson house, interior

They can both beautify our community and generate revenue for the local economy as well as develop a lasting legacy of community collaboration.

Because these communities of collaboration to really stand behind the values of sustainable social responsibility;

The planning and design of the collaborative workspace infrastructure should incorporate best practice for green building, environmental efficiency, and sustainability whenever possible,  in site selection, construction, and building maintenance.

The workspaces should be designed from repurposed blighted land, lots, lofts, warehouses and commercial properties that have been donated or purchased from the city.

By developing anchor institutions that attract and support business development in blighted pockets of our city, we can funnel community investment to change families, businesses, even schools and senior programs.
Rory, Archie and Katie

This positive energy could reverberate into improvements in the industries of construction, tourism, commerce, real estate, even attendance at our local universities!

An infrastructure of collaborative workspaces can become the catalyst for bringing Philadelphia back from the brink of blight and into the forefront of progress, which is the Mission of Fight Philly Blight
Office: research in progress
With this kind of pioneering community response to complex problems facing an urban landscape,

Philadelphia’s national value as a premier hub for creative communities and other residents would greatly increase.

Collaborative workspaces are just the first step to leaving behind a permanent legacy of both social and financial prosperity for the people of Philadelphia through vibrant regional, economic, and creative communities.
Mirage Alive Red Oak Isla [Chair]

More about the potential Legacy of Philadelphia…


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