Cash In on Student Fashion

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June 19, 2013 by Zee

There are plenty of good design schools in Philly and plenty of great creative hearts making amazing things…
So how come we don’t know about them?

I would be proud to rock Philly Fashioned threads and keep the consciousness about our city travelling.

All those half done designs, leftover fabric and screen print mistakes can certainly be someone elses treasure.

And who doesn’t need an in person marketplace to really showcase handcrafted fashions to an audience wider than your school.

The fashion can be auctioned off at a fashion show, offers can be made about redesigning or wholesale orders here as well.

A consignment shop that offered fashion design or even other kinds of original and reprinted student artwork could provide a more diverse representation of what it means to be from Philly.

We can allow the freshest minds in our city to endow us with the well deserved cutting edge reputation.

A store like this could change lives and launch careers by putting art and fashion back in the hands of the people.


How do YOU feel about it?

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