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June 18, 2013 by Zee

I read an inspirational article the other day about a restaurant that was struggling and to generate revenue it opened it’s doors at night to small business restauranteurs who were just starting out.
Not only did the initial restaurant thrive, but 6-8 other businesses were able to start-up or stay in business as well.
An older photo of the kitchen. Has the old floors in this pic.
It’s a fantastic idea! A kitchen co-op can do more than just offer space rental however.
It could promote itself through taste-offs, catering services to nonprofits by startups looking to showcase wares for feedback instead of markup, be used as a food or prep facility, and offer classes in food safety, baking, cooking, entrepreneurship etc.

As an extension of the Kitchen Co-op, a serving area would allow customers a more restaurant like experience. The kitchen coop would offer vending cases and sell renters food through a consignment program.

They could also get together and offer or donate prepared meals or rally around a theme such as fast food, soul food, vegetarian offerings, special diet (diabetic treats).
IMG 1899

They could network amongst themselves at potlucking events, summer barbeques and collaborate while vending or hosting at outside events.

A successful KitchenCoop and Eating Establishment, could eventually give rise to an entire hostel, B&B, hotel/spa, or hospitality lab for startups.
It could expand with government assistance to include full programs in culinary arts or hospitality management and operate as an accredited educational institution…

Imagine the aroumt of renown Philadelphia would receive worldwide for coming together and creating such an instiution.


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