Extreme Coworking: CoLiving Remixed

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June 17, 2013 by Zee

Anyone floating in the rising tide of progressive trends has heard of coworking by now.
No not just busting it up with your officemates while churning it out for the man. I’m talking about those capitalist hippies who beat the system and work from home–or at least remotely.

That’s right, if you want to wear that Pink Floyd t-shirt to work EVERYDAY then you kinda have to work for yourself.
The thing is if you work for yourself, you might HAVE to wear that shirt everyday, because you are so busy you don’t have time to think about esoteric things like laundry and hygiene.

Working in an office, your mates might scoff;
in a coworking space you might be left alone, but you can be assured that your coworkers understand the struggle.

While coworking helps create a line between work and life to create a balance, coLiving completely shatters the work life balance paradigm.

Current coliving offers 24 hour incubation space. I’m sure residents are screened by a board to determine whether they would ‘fit in’ to a particular coliving home.

I envision something even more extreme than sharing a bathroom with a few other independents;

what if you really could just focus on your business and partners and share your quality free time with people who understood and could help you challenge yourself?

What about a coliving complex?

A whole apartment building or cluster or warehouse loft space each dedicated to a particular industry?
Each area could be designed to meet the customized needs of different entrepreneurs, while facilitating networking and connection and collaboration.

For example there could be a minimally furnished writers floor where silence was an outline general rule and where lamps, libraries and writing tables abound,

or a floor for athletes that had a gym and mirrored studio space.

Or a floor for culinary arts that had a communal commercial grade kitchen, (night kitchen bakery anyone?!)

It would have exposed brick and funky real world/celebrity chic styling.

Naturally being a coliving space there would be computer breakout areas, conference space and other office amenities.

There could even be a hostel place for people using their coworking visa while in town.

But a high-end space would even offer housekeeping and laundry services, fully furnished rooms and communal living spaces, and a chef with a specialty menu for each floor “neighborhood” selected nights of the week for community dinners.

A space like this would benefit recent graduates who are used to dorm living or city transplants that have just begun careers and endeavors by giving them a transition into fulltime living in the Philadelphia region.

A high-end cooperative living space would enhance the culture and attractiveness of Philadelphia to visitors and new residents.


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