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June 15, 2013 by Zee

We always treat businesses like big entities that have an obligation to serve us.
The customer is always right, your next competitor is a click away, and market market market!
Well businesses have needs too, they need to be pampered and nourished and wooed just as much as the customers!

Many small start-up businesses have a good handle on their industry but oftentimes lack knowledge on the administration of a business; it’s tough to fill out all the paperwork an even tougher interviewing and hiring.

Well I see a consulting opportunity here;
By not only offering entrepreneurship related course, an enterprising agency could offer temporary employment, and having a qualified resource pool for internships to businesses just starting out.

By prescreening employees, the business could relax knowing that reliable help is available and payroll is handled.

Many products and services produced locally and on a small-scale do not need regular employees; many might only need sales persons in different capacities.
Fight Philly Blight recognized the community and economic opportunity is training entry-level workers to schedule appointments to sell various creative goods and services.

If the sales techniques were uniform and the products were sold through inbound leads and low pressure sales quotas then small business could serve the community while improving their marketing and sales through this program.

Other sales techniques could include attending trade shows on behalf of a client business or hosting viewing/testing parties for various products by brand or theme.

The independently contracted sellers would benefit from the freedom to sell product of their own choosing, set their own sales quotas and chose their own way of selling the product whether through consignment, online or other selling techniques.

They also receive valuable skills in selling that they can apply to any product or future position.


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