Making Music By the Numbers…

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June 14, 2013 by Zee

How much does it cost to open a music studio?
I imagine the cost is quite hefty, the electric bill alone…
Plus it would need special construction for soundproofing and lots of specialized equipment..

How many kids do you know or have heard of that want to be rappers? How many little boys and girls just know they can saang?!

Having a gift does not make you a star, but the fact is, it can.
The chinese symbol for the word luck is a combination of two seemingly distant qualities; talent and opportunity. It is very telling the way the Chinese must look at it.

Langston Hughes once famously asked the question, what happens to a dream deferred. and although no one has truly answered it, we can see evidence of it remaining unanswered to this day..
For many children a chance at recording their own glorious voice, whether in reading, communicating an opinion, performing an instrument or singing or rapping
could be the difference in trying at something seemingly distant and fantastical or giving up before getting started aware of societal limitations.

How much does it cost when a teen mother gives up on her dreams?
How much does it cost when a fatherless youth joins a gang to have a family?

How much could be saved if children are allowed to pursue some small dreams early on?

There is not a number that could truly show this…

Rappers, poets, prodcuers, how much would it take to donate old but functional equipment and set it up for high schoolers to learn how to use?

What is it worth to give a passionate kid a skill, a trade, an apprenticeship?

This program or place could expand to include instrument loans or rentals, practice labs, muscial groups, even a concert hall!

Help us Fight Philly Blight with Beautiful Music!


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