Cooperative Economics Can Change things faster than policy.

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June 13, 2013 by Zee

In order for Philly to really thrive, and America as a whole, we need to identify with the trends that consumers (us!) want and need.

Everything is customized now, only a few big things can survive like walmart can. Small business was and is the pulse of Americas economy.

Although the definition of “small business” can vary, overall the boutiques, galleries, restaurants and feel that you get from these clusters of retail innovation and entertainment is what we are trying to grow and can foster.

There should be satelite centers for small business services as plentiful as the check cashing places we see on every other corner.

There should be a place to drop in for for things like insurance, investments, and crowdsourced venture capitalism.

What about informally unionizing microtrades and businesses so that fledling business that would contribute to the creative economy and cultural reputation of Philly have a chance to organize instead of never having had a chance to thrive?

How much more successful could our great city be if instead of a block full of dilapitated row homes there were charming little shops?

Although politicians and public servants work tirelessly to improve the quality of life in Philadelphia, they have so much to work against them as well as for them. Well with businesses the results can be more immediate and longer lasting than a political mandate.

A small cluster of stable businesses can turn around a block or neighborhood if they provide fair, quality goods and services, open employment and customer relations strategies, and contribute to the needs or uniqueness of an area.

With community investment from residences and businesses together we have the power to shape the landscape and histoy of Philly through capital.

The city gets tax revenue, we get high quality goods and services meeting our unique hyperlocal needs, and we gain pride identity and affinity with our mom and pop shops;
they become part of the fabric of our lives and we reward them with dollars through patronage that funds our sewers and schools and whatnot.

We need collaborative economics to change this city block by block.


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