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June 12, 2013 by Zee

In my progressive endeavors, I run across people all the time who wish they could be involved more, or talk to the people to change things and have them listen .
What I’ve noticed is, although a lot of people have great ideas, there is no one around to hear them out, advocate for their plan or show them how to apply the idea.

What we need is a group of leaders who can facilitate at a venue to guide, train, inspire, motivate and unify those urgent whispers of many into one great thunderous voice.

There needs to be a program of development that instructs citizens in civic leadership to engage and improve blocks, neighborhoods, and communities.

At an educational center for leadership development, civic groups could meet, connect, network, plan and learn together. Information between groups with similar interests or identities could disseminate quickly as well, this would encourage mass initiatives and more efficient progress on a local level.

These centers would also be a first point of contact for involvement and the headquarters for community outreach.

At a civic leadership center coordinating charity efforts would be much easier as well.
Donation efforts like packaging items for troops, shut-ins, hospital visits, trunk parties, adopted/fostered children, the homeless or just welcoming a member to a new home would be more robust and effective by having a large volunteer pool readily available for assistance.
This could be especially impactful when sponsoring on-the-fly storm or disaster relief efforts.

The potential of civic leaders being immersed in the entrepreneurial spirit the center would embody; combined with having access to resources such as grant researchers and writers, seed/pilot project capital, fundraising assistance and collaboration with like-minded groups is virtually limitless!

Thingds like member saving circles, an administrative resource center or project mentors could improve this city in ways only residents can dream up!]\
So how do we get started?


How do YOU feel about it?

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