“The Lounge” Youth Center

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February 27, 2013 by Zee

The Lounge would be an upscale rec center that was smoke, drug, drink and weapon free.

It is a safe, supervised, entertaining place that helps transition our youth into adulthood through extracurriculars and mentorship.

The main room would be open for special events such as weekend dances, laser tag,or skate nights.
Grand ballroom setup begins

There would be amenities such as
a small indoor movie room
IRCC - Screening Room
pool hall,
Shakespeare's Remix

Final Furlong, Namco Stationand or
computer labs with specialized software…
Digital Character Animation campus at VFS

There would be cafe/concession area or virgin drink bar with wi-fi in
Computer Lab in the Library

lounge areas and comfy seating scattered throughout
the esperanto

Open space and clustered seating for after-school and school holiday hangouts in the study hall,
Password Required

quiet rooms for studying and socializing with board and strategy games, card or craft tables.

A full roster of afterschool and weekend workshops, seminars,discussions, groups and events led by or geared toward youth such as jewelry making, fashion design, summer job ideas, SAT prep etc.
The class of extras

Most importantly there would be integrative social services such as peer mediators, counselors, and community based service resources.

The Lounge could offer home-school programing during the day, family outreach events on the weekends as well.

With the help of caring adult volunteers youth will be guided in a fun way to designing and directing programs for civic engagement and community improvements through the design and development of “The Lounge” Youth Center.


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