Empowering Generation “Text”

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February 27, 2013 by Zee

With flash mobs on hiatus for winter, now is the time to begin thinking of positive solutions for our youth.
See You AFTER The Pole

With schools being shuttered and budgets being cut, the chances of our young people finding meaningful educational, social, networking and employment opportunities decreases each fiscal year. At the same time, quasi-public organizations like the boys and girl scouts are decreasing in impact and popularity.
dressed up teens
The needs and perspective of this upcoming generation are unique to this time in history.

More than ever kids are living in the virtual internet world of text messages, youtube and video games.

The effects of this are spilling over into their physical lives in many areas including health and obesity, junkfood, advertising, sexting, cyberbullying, online predators and self-centeredness and lack of social engagement.
Skirky being happyrough gemmore than meets the eyeo hay tharCleo and Fringe-Boy 3

Their wish lists are higher, their self image based on cable tv standards, thus more critcal and their attention spans shorter and more extreme.

What can stem the tide of generational amnesia?!

The great thing about this generation is that
they tend to be more engaged in reality and current events,
Charlotte Interviews Elizabeth Ruth

they realize they deserve respect and have the ability to influence change,
Boys in classroom_1093

they have all but put racism behind them.

They have enormous buying power and

collective knowledge is almost inherent to them in this internet age.

The youth are passionate, adaptable, networked and can be mobilized quickly.
teen girl squad

By empowering this new generation earlier, embracing the idea that they not only have the power, but the responsibility to continue change previous generations couldn’t tolerate.

By realizing that because of their place in history, they will experience times of tremendous change as world order and technology connects, shifts and adjusts we pave the way to a better future.

Through a Recreation Center dubbed the lounge, Fight Philly Blight would like to entertain, educate and engage local youth in civic solutions.
The day my pad went Mad : )


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