Green Building Best Practices


February 25, 2013 by Zee

Army Photography Contest - 2007 - FMWRC - Arts and Crafts - Bridge Into Fog
As we step into the future of toward a sustainable economy, the path may seem foggy, but luckily many conscious minds are paving the way.

In the book Green Building A-Z by Jerry Yudelson; he outlines specific benchmarks for Green standards and well as other things to consider.

When building green as part of a socially responsible community its more than just using a few environmentally friendly products.

Blue Marble (Planet Earth)

    Green Building

  • follows the LEED standards; with energy use being reduced by 20% or more and 35% of it being purchased through green sources
  • taking into consideration materials and resources; including the use of salvaged materials that are structurally sound, using local resources, using recycled content of at least 50% such as sustainably harvested wood or renewable materials such as bamboo.

Happy Earth Day

  • water efficiency, including on site sewage treatment, grey water use, pressurized plumbing and tank-less water heating systems.
  • energy efficiency, commission certified by regular audit
  • indoor environmental quality including the incorporation of localized heating and cooling systems, use of natural lighting and ventilation, emission-free paints, furniture etc and ozone depletion reductions.

0130 Stairway Jungle

  • building only on sustainable sites that are away from wetlands, disaster zones, or protected habitats
  • salvaging or rehabbing land from the existing urban infrastructure especially brownfield sitesto also promote public transit, carpooling/sharing, biking and pedestrian transit.

my ride

  • using on site renewable energy such as solar (photovoltaic), thermal, and water conservation fixtures.
  • using landscaping and landscaping techniques such as irrigation, sewage flow, storm water reuse to promote energy efficiency such as with ‘cool roof ‘rooftop gardens or open green space instead of asphalt.

Hanoi Rooftop Garden
By designing the new community infrastructure in a way that is economically efficient, builds social capital amongst community members and is also environmentally friendly will have a reverse impact on our deteriorating  urban atmosphere.


One thought on “Green Building Best Practices

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really disagree! cannot believe that this is going on in modern day times. I was relieved I am not jogging. The Directors have wondered what will happen to this. I will need to know the evolving issues and going forth.

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