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February 21, 2013 by Zee


After the gardeners pick or source help to harvest crops they have a few options for distribution. But there should be even more.

Fruit and Veg, Old City, Jerusalem

Usually a person will take home what grows in their plot, share it amongst friends if there is extra; but stuff happens like bumper crops or food fatigue. I can’t tell you how hurt I am to watch something I tended for months wither away uneaten in the back of my fridge, or to watch my neighbors tomatoes ripen and rot on the vine…

Many of our local farmers markets are stocked with community grown produce planted specifically for that purpose, but is there an efficient way to collect and redistribute the surplus produce between private gardeners and the general public?
working in the market

Much community groundwork could be broken by providing and individual grower a distribution outlet like regularly scheduled rounds of surplus pickups by a local food bank, such as Philabundance.

Or provide space or venue for a micro-farmers market where barter is encouraged.

There may also be an enterprising individual or two to operate a produce truck to sell community produce in neighborhoods which have limited access.
Jackfruit delivery

And with even a very limited amount of processing, ventures such as fruit gift baskets or herb packs could generate even more streams of revenue and employment for this ethical industry, by opening new consumer markets for the same products.
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