Build a Garden, Build an Entrepreneurs Network


February 21, 2013 by Zee

Philadelphia already leads the nation in terms of colloquial green spaces, gardens and public art.

Scenes from an Urban Garden

We also already have a dedicated community of locally produced food based goods; and an internationally known culinary reputation.

More can be done to network existing plans and initiatives of the if everyone directs with an eye toward both innovation and social responsibility.

Social responsible business systems have qualitative value in terms community benefit, but when structured properly can have significant quantitative value as well reflected through financial profitability.
In terms of Our CSA network, improvement could be seen in all three phases of development: preparation, distribution and processing.

New Farm Shop

By focusing on developing community relationships between

agricultural growers,
with teams of pickers, packers,
distributors, and delivery persons

through the entrepreneurial ideas of food processors in each step of the process,

we create a responsive and competitive niche locality in the consumables market.


By resourcing community gardeners with space, and space with technical expertise, social capital can be stocked while sourcing plants, seeds and supplies;

Cornucopia underway 8

interdependence developed while gathering labor for site preparation;

community investment and ownership are gained through participation in the site selection and cooperative design process,

Re-configured Car

resourcefulness is rendered through finding creative uses for old things in the new garden, as well as a catalyzing many more aha moments…especially when evaluating potential crops through the lens of consumer demand [for specialty crops] and profitability;

Community buy-in is Foundational to economic development in the next two phases as much as in the first one.
Onto Distribution….
Onto Processing….


2 thoughts on “Build a Garden, Build an Entrepreneurs Network

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