Build a Garden, Build a Entrepreneurship Network around Processing

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February 21, 2013 by Zee


Finally, by adding a touch of social responsibility into the last step in the agricultural network, processing, even more revenue can be generated to finance and support strengthening the consumables market.

Employing and training individuals in preservation techniques (for profit or preparation) can provide a simple manufacturing trade for local community members.
Feast for Kids 5-4-09 3

It also extends the life and reach of locally grown produce and buffers nutritional fluctuations.

A community can be built around techniques, and equipment sharing or foodsharing for canning /jarring/dehydrating/freezing/pickling and otherwise preserving, which is a useful life skill.


Through incorporating community grown produce into their seasonal meal planning and menus, organizations like meals on wheels, soup kitchens or even senior living homes could provide health and community benefit to those most likely to be nutritionally challenged.

Both local prepared foods companies and non-profits could benefit from creating meals or meal items to be packaged or frozen that incorporate local produce into cohesive recipes.
[Display of home-canned food]  (LOC)

Additionally, intergenerational interaction and understanding could be compounded through programs in which youth (or other groups) grow, harvest, prepare and deliver and possibly serve food (vegetable purees etc.) to the seniors or shut-ins.

Last on this list, but certainly not least, restaurants were the first to actively embrace and incorporate locally sourced meats and produce and showcase sustainably made consumables in the both restaurants and catering (food service industry) by using locally made.
More Cafe Bar Restaurant / Trafalgar Street
I believe that restaurants have the power to lead this mission through culinary ingenuity to role model profitable social responsibility.
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