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January 18, 2013 by Zee

Land Bank  Mission

The legislation fortunately, outlines considerable focus on enhancing local communities; it also leans heavily toward the creation of affordable housing.

Affordable housing is indeed a paramount goal, but making sure the housing is truly valuable in terms of design and quality, should be emphasized.

How can we incorporate green housing practices into their construction? Can we emphasize the development of community right into the infrastructure by adding green spaces, community centers, playgrounds and backyards?

Furthermore, affordable housing is a dire issue in Philly, but it is important to assert the importance of local businesses to shape and enhance community.

Access to employment, which stabilizes families is an indirect, yet significant factor for long-term success as well. By not just serving, but employing community members, and/or being started by community members; communities centered around local businesses remain more stable and integrative over time.

I’d like to direct attention to all the potential businesses who cannot afford to start-up and operate profitably in the City of Philadelphia.

There is an artistic, opinionated, and entrepreneurial spirit, a clashing of cultures that creates a new shared identity for all Philadelphians.

Whether baby mamas dreaming of bootstrapping the ideal daycare center, skater teens looking for a comic book shop, or college grads discouraged at the thought of having to go home to mom, we need to provide these people with opportunities to pursue life, liberty and happiness, here in Philadelphia.

A long-term investment in property at a reasonable price is a viable way of attracting new Philadelphians permanently. The land bank providing property for sale at significantly discounted and nominal rates establishes community ownership sooner.

Additionally, using business revenue temporarily to purchase the property permanently, the business owner can generate income from the space, as well as the business, which can finance further growth and stability.

Combining that with financial development already available in the city it makes the opportunity to change socioeconomic conditions for entrepreneurial families, permanently.

Providing more people with low-cost, long-term space; and the expertise such as credit counseling, budgeting skills, home repair workshops and business incubation resources guide strong ideas to set conditions for exponential economic growth both short and long-term.


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