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October 19, 2012 by Zee

Dugout house of Faro Caudill, homesteader with Mt. Allegro in the background, Pie Town, New Mexico (LOC)
Western medicine has evolved a long way since Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman’s time (yes the historical period AND the show’s unsyndicated years).

It does well in promoting medical research and technological advancement.
Western medicine is held to the highest standards for accounting practices and statistical research

and thus

is limited to utilizing only treatment and procedures that are mass replicatable and directly linked.

The system makes it simple for an insurance system to reimburse a pharmaceutical, for a specific dosage of a pill, for a certain period of time, for a measurable change.

Its a formula that works–economically, by the standardized system we abide by.

It comes in handy in most instances.

But what about if you go to the doctor, and get a pill when you should have recieved:

  • a series of personal training sessions


  • a longer or more frequent appointment with a therapist


  • a massage or a day of respite from your family/job at a spa


  • a nutritionist to sit down and budget healthy meal plans

Nutrition Info

  • a series of nutritional supplements

drink your greens



This is what Happens:
pill box

Healthcare SHOULD be universal, but there should be other options too. I think everyone should get a basic level of minimum coverage, and a voucher similar to a FSA be provided as well.

This voucher could go toward a more flexible health need or concern and could be geared toward preventative care and alternative wellness; vitamins, flu shots, gym passes, even massages or visits with a nutritionist…
There should be doctors who make house calls, and are reimbursed at a competitive rate under universal healthcare.

Eastern Medicine which earned legitimacy through thousands of years of study, should be encouraged/covered.

Although much of Eastern medicine may derive expertise from
observing the medicinal properties of plant
and from the study of the vibration and flow of human energy
and thus is not as directly measurable, or replicatable.

Options such as reiki, acupuncture, therapeutic massage have all proven to be helpful when Western medicine could not for countless people and are gaining in the Western World as well.
Chiropractors (3)

America is the era of individuality, how can we accept one size fits all health management?


How do YOU feel about it?

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