Alternative Healthcare; Another Expression of Freedom

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October 15, 2012 by Zee

Andrew Jackson
I love being American. Despite all our drawbacks I just wouldn’t be the same person if I had a different cultural mentality; and I am rather fond of who I am.

Part of what makes me, me is my right to freedom of expression.

Not just what I blog about, or what I shout at the t.v. during sports and politics, but how I dress, how I raise my kid and how I choose to care for my body.

If I want to treat my allergies with acupunture instead of allergy shots, I should retain the right;

Sensing the locations for inserting the needles, Charlotte Stuart preparing to treat a patient with acupuncture moxibustion in Nelson, New Zealand

if I want to get a massage weekly instead of therapy sessions, my insurance should support that,

and if I want to use teas and herbs to ease, alleviate and treat minor conditions instead of a capsule of isolated ingredients regulated by a corporation;

I demand the ability to do so and invite others to examine my motives instead of just accepting and dismissing them.

My choice IS my voice. Western medicine doesn’t solve every problem, and even when it does, there may be a different and still efficient way that works better for me.





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