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October 10, 2012 by Zee

Fight Philly Blight would like to partner with local health care agencies and institutions to provide a more comprehensive level of healthcare options and awareness.
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There need to be brokers or liaisons that focus on ensuring the insurance of the ‘in-between’ like college kids kicked off their parents medical; or workers who settled for a job without benefits because of economic woes. We need to advocate for these people through sharing their stories (as I did about my ankle incident) and statistics.
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There also needs to be a look at how healthcare service is delivered globally.

The most important thing to be done is make accessible a list of viable coverage options.
These need to include specialized care options for those with pre-existing or chronic conditions, but it needs to include affordable group coverage as well for professional networks whether co-working or involved in specific risk level actions.
There are many un and underinsured who just need to be linked to and guided through the network.
No one running a small business should worry about protecting and providing for their children and spouse, nor in growing the economy through job creation and hiring employees or offering them healthcare coverage.
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Health care centers could do much better about providing services as well. There is room for service management to be simplified and streamlined. Through promotion of things like an online electronic care register (secured copy of medical records and history, only an individual has access to) could improve the system if information security was satisfied.

Clinics themselves could do a much better job as realistic scheduling times so that a patient mustn’t wait all day.
If waiting is discovered to be a fundamental necessity or will require gradual change, then a clinic that offers multibenefit services might really become a competitive option.

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A multibenefit service center would greet you at check in, update any contact information, billing details, and send an introductory message to your doctor. You would take a number or buzzer (like at a restaurant) and be provided other services accessible in your wait time such as a post office, a health insurance representatives booth, banking facilities, wi-fi or internet access or reading or relaxation centers.
Imagine getting a massage while waiting for your dental appointment! after paying your bills, buying a cup of coffee and getting the stamps you need. Even an art gallery or a gift shop. All in the same building; and without missing your appointment.
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Additionally once healthcare options are considered, other matters of life changes should be encouraged for consideration, life insurance, savings plans and wills need to be developed and secured to ensure long-term stability for family no matter the circumstance.

I know there is HIPPA and confidentiality clauses concerning medical information, but if it can be imagined, it can be achieved! Who’s irked enough to be with me?


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