Healthy Outside to Healthy In

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October 5, 2012 by Zee

Yes health and wellness are generally thought of in reference to one’s innards. Frog organsWhether each body part functions properly, for it’s own purpose as part of the bigger system of ‘you’ is crucial.

It is just as crucial internally to maintain balance as externally. I mean that in many ways.

Internal: In terms of diet we need to protect and maintain our body by watching what we put in it (and what we don’t).mr teeny

External: But the quality of what we consume depends of the quality of the water, earth and air our food (and other consumables) was raised in, at the least. Nuclear Wetlands(Something I became much more aware of as I grow into urban gardening.)

Internal: In terms of exercise our body NEEDS more oxygen than a modern lifestyle allows it. And it deserves to be stretched and pumped and warmed through activity.Is this what you mean by "Pose for the camera?"

External: Our friends and family deserve to see us be our best too! Our mood is better and we are more equipped to handle life stressors, we live longer, better quality of lives when we exercise.

Exercise is also a magnificent way to make a social impact. Surprised?

As a member of Fight Philly Blight, it makes perfect sense. It’s not a program as much as a perspective. Allow your inner needs and external needs to function together. Don’t be distracted by guises that trying to separate them.

I don’t know about you, but I get jealous of car commercials a little bit, that’s what the companies are counting on; they plucked the appropriate visceral string.
I wish I were splashing through a giant mud puddle with my SUV in the backdrop of canyons or mountains. Kicking up sand on a beach… I’d on my way hiking or camping by a lake; or setting up a barbeque and volleyball match by the shore…

Adventure, activity, exercise… WITHOUT 0% down and $three twenty nine per month plus taxes and fees for 36 months. I can get that same rush, and it will not just feel, but BE so much better.

Exercise in the form of recreational activity whether jogging or jet skiing, is something so cool (or dangerous) that you just HAVE to bring a friend.  It can connect you to a friend and that friend to you, it can bond you further through sharing an awesome memory, trying something new together, pushing through a challenge and succeeding as a unit…Group Hug

Taking care of yourself as a group can form a support system of genuineness, and accountability that makes people stick with a program longer and can motivate them to achieve better hug

Take a a walking group for stay at home moms as an example. These moms would probably appreciate walking around the neighborhood and chatting for an hour or so after drop off, than to pack up a bag and go to a gym alone to run on a treadmill.  The time they get to socialize and commiserate with like-minded individuals makes exercise an activity valued in more than calories burned or heart rate.


How do YOU feel about it?

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