Preventative Healthcare is Patriotic!

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October 1, 2012 by Zee

Preventable Deaths are Up!

Support is deserved for plenty of small level projects that exist just on encouraging small long term changes like taking vitamins, getting vaccines, and making preventative health screenings even easier and more accessible.
I’m not gonna even waste time in looking up some statistics, because its should already be pretty obvious to anyone that rates of death and disease due to change in American lifestyle trends has probably quadrupled since the 60s.
I did hear on the radio recently that 2/3 of all Americans will be obese in the next twenty years; what a not-as-startling-as-it-should-be statistic. I don't know. The pink tank top isn't really working.

I’m far from perfectly health conscious, and my budget is as tight as summer jeans worn after Thanksgiving but I try to remind myself that vitamins now are much cheaper than even generic drugs will be when I’m 60-something.

Between increasing environmental degradation, mass/commercially produced consumables; maintaining immunity and preventing chronic illness is more important than ever.

Being aware of one’s own body and treating it like a car or a house will keep us active and healthier for a greater portion of our lives.
Warming the bones

I hate to say it, maybe its the election coming up, much of what I see is tinged in a political light;
by the time I reach the age of eligibility, guaranteed healthcare will be limited, and possibly non-existent.
I might not be able to afford the additional medication and specialists needed to sustain my health after I stop working.
Saying farewell to Nana after 88th birthday cookies
Insurance companies and pharmaceuticals currently make a significant amount of money managing illnesses and conditions that were entirely preventable. And because of entitlement programs such as SSI, Medicare/medicaid;the costs these industries must be subsidized on our behalf by the government for all Americans regardless of cost. The way things are trending, either we will have to borrow to cover the costs, less people will be covered, or coverage would be less overall.

(What they will do with an aging population of medication dependent, resource strained elderly population will really be a crisis for the president 5 or 6 terms from now, then that ‘death panel’ convolution popularized by Palin might actually be relevant)
The bright side is, it is early enough for many of us to prevent or delay many of the health care issues we might face, like diabetes, hypertension/stroke/heart disease, specific cancers, STDs, etc.

Through making lifestyle changes that raise my immunity and lower my risk; and that are sustainable for myself and family will allow me to enjoy life more fulfillingly, both now and much much later.

London Marathon 25.04.2010 (655)

The ‘healthy lifestyle’ movement needs to be considered a true economic value to oneself and ones country and needs to be promoted, directed and internalized to a much larger scale.



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