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August 2, 2012 by Zee

View of the Rooftop Garden
In order for a garden to function properly, mother nature requires a certain amount of assistance.
People need labor and tools to clean up developing and potential gardens or public green space.

There needs to be a place where local businesses, groups or individuals can donate new or gently used reusable supplies like trash cans, wheelbarrows, buckets, rakes, brooms, bags, twine; disposable supplies like bags, soil and compost; and garden prep supplies like mulch, shovels, trowels, gloves, hats, kneeboards, even water and first aid kits.

Future Collaborative space design should include dedicated storage and distribution space for this purpose, in the meantime there needs to be a place where people can centralize around this initiative.

People could barter or fundraise through seed donation drives conducted at strategic times such as harvest season, or immediately after first planting. Schools or youth groups could learn about science and civic duty by collecting seeds from fruit, plants, or wherever! A local seed bank could be created or larger seed banks contributed to.
There could be social events like donor days or swap meets around surplus garden goods and plants such as bulbs, plant cuttings, herbs, food rubbish (collective compost collection), tree sprouts or seedlings (from school projects or fundraisers), pieces for tree grafts, healthy saplings that had to be removed or discarded, even donations of tree and plant space that people would like to see go to the good use of growing. Apiaries and nurseries might even donate bees, ladybugs, mantis’ and worms for local gardens.

There could be seminars, workshops and awareness raised about urban farms and local growing. A convention for garden supplies, co-op memberships and information galore. Experts in landscaping, garden maintenance,and composting could donate their time at the event or schedule time to come to community garden meetings.
People, organizations and businesses could schedule donations of time or labor to gardens (ex trash collectors stay on an extra hour to clear brush or rubble from a site)

These are the kind of things that would receive national attention for Philadelphia and counter negative stereotypes about our region.


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