Garden Planning Selection

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August 2, 2012 by Zee

View of the Rooftop Garden
If you’ve gathered a community group and are looking at a few gardening sites, there are a few things that the group must consider outside of viable land.

Ownership of the land as well as zoning, plans and conservation boundaries must be looked into.

An established garden club or community group will most certainly have garden group rules or even a contract that outlines membership responsibilities and privileges.
Paperwork should entail information about potential sites including location, viability evaluation and results from preliminary surveys or testing.

Potential resources for funding, community sponsors and information should be listed and members need to personally engage these resources. There may also be current political policies, initiatives or programs in place that can work for or against a community garden. For longer term success, this step should not be overlooked.

There will also need to be commitments of time and labor, even money for personal plots and communal areas as well as non-gardening duties. The documents should outline these clearly.

There should be a system of communication (verbal, visual, physical etc) in place that organizes the plots, the resources and most importantly the people.

In short planning a garden with the community is an investment of self. It involves becoming aware through interaction with each other and with the earth. It involves putting in physical sweat, but mental effort as well. Like a garden, planning one plants a seed. But when planted and nurtured properly can reap innumerable dividends for oneself and the community.


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