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August 1, 2012 by Zee

Community gardening is a great way to become involved in a socially responsible community. The Community Supported Agricultural movement has earned a more significant personal impact in recent years.

Community gardens do great things for the community like

  • create assets out of formerly blighted land
  • increase the ratio of green space in an urban area
  • contribute positively to air, noise and water quality
  • create community connections between people around food and wellness.

There are many who may not have the means to maintain a space at a community garden, but there are other ways to get involved in the movement!

Some choose to represent their interests by purchasing from farmers markets and co-ops.

Others by patronizing businesses or restaurants that are committed to incorporating local and sustainable food and products.

A less traditional approach to support for community gardening starts outside of the community.

With a personal garden.

Whether in a container, on a rooftop, windowsill or in your yard, a few plants growing close to your home connects you that much more with nature.

Indoor gardening can improve air quality for asthma and allergy suffers and provide noise buffering and a certain mentality of wellness.

Personal gardens can also have a direct involvement with the larger csa community.

Gardeners can cultivate crops in their personal space to donate to soup kitchens, or just neighbors.

Communities can grow just around the sharing of seeds and clippings.

Enterprising personal gardeners may also tend to commercially viable products for money.

Things like selling plants, produce or seedlings to fundraise for charity

or being a part of a collective contract garden that combines the produce you grow with that of other individual growers to complete a bulk order

are ways individuals can help the CSA movement or even generate a little revenue.

Personal gardening can also deliver the courage for someone to step off their own terrain and join the larger community!

When you tend to a garden, wherever it is, you grow so much more than plants.





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