Community Garden Site Prep and Maintenance

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August 1, 2012 by Zee

Rockefeller Rooftop 2
When considering a garden site, naturally things outside of the garden will have an impact on where it is placed, how it is positioned and what it looks like.
But there needs to be a structure within the garden as well.
Spanish Moorish tiled bench
These type of things should be outlined in membership packet or information about the garden site in the paperwork.

Not only should things like the garden layout of paths, plots and other areas be designed by community members/growers, but some basic things to consider as individuals and as a group would be :

Flora (and fauna) What to grow? Should it be ONLY vegetation that occurs naturally in the area to attract native species of animals and pollenators?
Should it be things that grow quickly or easily for say a children’s garden?
Can delicate things like berries be grown without pesticides and still produce enough yield? Is it better to focus on foods that are best fresh or foods that are easily canned/dried or otherwise preservable?
Should it be kitchen staples like tomatoes to cut down on the food budget, or more expensive things that can stretch a budget as well, like basil or thyme?
Table: Meadow's Mirth
The garden should take care to be accessible and intergenerational incorporating raised beds, various plot sizes and purposes, as well as pathways that are wide enough and level.

A garden should be strident about setting and keeping a calendar, schedules of meetings and workdays as well as dues, news and duties.

There needs to be space set aside for composting, storage of tools, fertilizer/manure, freecycled plants and seeds, rest (in the shade), and communal areas.

By making these decisions as individuals and as a group we can come together and develop the social capital needed to sustain the community and expand to others.


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