Vacant Lot Renewal Campaigns


June 28, 2012 by Zee

Alani the Gardener
There are specific ways of tackling urban blight through vacant lots. But there are also a multitude of them.

If we could make small action groups revolving around the following issues, to coordinate efforts, Philadelphia might have a chance at greatness.

Clean Sweep Street Teems could offer volunteer trash pick up, rake services. They could raise awareness and support community clean up efforts through groups or events. Artist designed trashcans could provide color, and utility to a space as well.
Trashcans, Milano style
the botany team  could evaluate vacant lots for potential garden hosting. They might conduct or coordinate soil, air, water source and light testing to provide direction in keeping gardens efficient and effective.

If a lot is not appropriate for a garden or horticultural efforts, a mural, art installation or other repurpose could be put to use by the residents. a small stage could coordinate local public events for the summertime for example.

Neighborhood watch teams could coordinate amongst neighborhoods to sponsor a spotlight, camera, bench, bus shelter or neighborhood activities. They also might coordinate fundraising for the annual ‘crack walk’ or night walk. One night where Philadelphians reclaim their streets (oct 29 the night before mischief night)
djembe drummers
The city could encourage landownership, land donations or low income house building through various programs and agencies.

When I see vacant lots I see a little disappointment, but a lot of opportunity.


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