Trash to Treasure

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June 28, 2012 by Zee

24. Treasure Chest
As a society we might have gone off the deep end into consumerism, advertisements and packaging; but I’m also sure You personally wouldn’t stand for it, it theory.

The thing about participating locally is there is accountability; and visible results are encouraged and appreciated.

More efforts has to be taken by each of us individually and as a community to be more conscious of the things we waste; more importantly the potential in these things.

Community compost heaps can replenish garden soil and increase the nutritional value of the harvest. At the same time it can knit a community closer, provide an educational lesson AND reduce the payload and fuel usage of city vehicles.

Things like plant and tool sharing can become an offshoot of these simplistic efforts.

The city can help by conducting trash audits to educate the public on how things are recycled and reused, they can promote the recycling incentive system already in place to reward blocks or neighborhoods with sponsored block parties and awareness of change agent communities.

cans, can tabs, bottles even old newspapers can have a second life locally. and there are services sprouting that can make it even easier.

Hoarders clearouts, house clear outs and building demos can be salvaged serve further use by rebuilding community dwellings, employing residents and conserving resources.

Even things like donation and barter of toys, clothes and materials that can be salvaged for repurposing can make our community a pioneer of sustainable urban landscapes.


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