A Tree Grows in…Brokeland

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June 28, 2012 by Zee

striatic building with tree
Although not a history buff I am entranced with photographs of historical Philadelphia.

Ever since that 4/20 experience many years ago (a WHOLE nother story!), I have come to understand time as space layered on top of itself, like a thumbflip comic strip.  It is awe-inspiring when I capture a old photograph of how progressive and vibrant Philadelphia once was. Much of what was forefront then, is the backdrop of  today; and all of what is here today is layered, like a comic strip, right on top of that amazing legacy that already existed.

When I see those faded photos and mimeographs it is painfully confusing that I hold hope for something that has already been? I slide the picture out of viewsight and before me materializes trash, cursing, thick spitwads, greasy odors, crumbling monuments and desecrated values.

Could it be again? I question myself with timidity unwarranted by the considerable effort and courage it took to ask.

We gathered the greatest minds in the colonies and locked them in a room until they shaped doctrine our country is still guided by! We hold as a gift to our nation the symbol of freedom for our country! We house some of the oldest federal institutions in a land! A city of thinkers and planners, shapers, pioneers and visionaries…

Could Philadelphia, still capture the hearts and minds of America, in the way we are known for?

Can we live up to developing the success and inspiration those crinkly photos have shown us?

I can, so join me and then WE can.


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