Reduce, reuse, recycle

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June 19, 2012 by Zee

Watchful wasteThe more science advances the more we discover how delicate the balance of life and the ecosystem is.

The issue of limited global resources and inefficient use of the ones currently available is becoming more of a relevant issue to the present, instead of just to the future.

Besides the obvious need to conserve, waste can generate value and energy.

Although we need to invest in the spreading commercial technology such as compacting, clean incineration and smelting, trash reprocessing and sorting, water collection, and more comprehensive recycling programs.

As well as in more efficient, locally produced energy sources and in reducing and ‘greening’ consumable packaging materials.

But we each must take personal responsibility in reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ more importantly.

Improper disposal toxifies our biosphere and makes a radius of brownfield or unusable space.

There needs to be more attention paid to disposing of things properly.

Many items can often be repurposed, reused or donated to charity.

Many times disposing of excess can be economically viable, concepts as varied as scrapping metal to consignment shop patronage is both ecofriendly and cost-effective.

Doing something as minimally time-consuming as a few extra minutes each day by breaking down your trash a little further can have a big impact on the overall quality of life.

Electronics and disposable elements that may contain toxic metals, corrosive chemicals, dangerous parts need to be disposed of properly.

Some electronic-related devices like ink cartridges and cell phones have recycling programs that help the environment and often contribute to a charitable cause.


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