Community Garden Themes

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June 19, 2012 by Zee

A vibrant community garden system could  generate significant income for the city by boosting local agricultural production and labor;
Pillars herb garden

as well as tourism intake and building a reputation around socially responsible business development.

It would also save the city money

a become a quality competitor for local contracts with the food service industry and maybe for the government through nursing homes, school and prisons.

An added twist to a personal or small-scale community garden is its uniqueness of purpose to its tenders.

Theme gardens are a fun way to create a more specialized growing community, which can create a tighter bond, by offering more benefits specifically to the individuals.
Chatting While Eating

Things like mini orchards, salad, salsa, or pizza gardens can be appeal to a wide demographic from culinary professionals to families and schools.

Creating an art garden, a science garden, a math garden or one that uses and attracts local species are all themes which provide opportunities for intergenerational education and participation.

There are also local programs promoting  extracurricular and school gardens.

Non edible gardening like vine & trellis gardens, rose gardens, grass quilt/picnic gardens as well as landscaping gardens of rocks, fountains and other materials can enhance a niche community.

Some are just a more interesting way to connect and reflect the individuals personality.Like guerilla gardening, or specialty gardening of flowers, edible plants or hydroponic growing; or even heirloom gardens made from seed exchanges, donated plants, and rescued plants from the Flower Show or other events.

Tranquil AfternoonLandscaping gardens that display repurposed public art displays, or interactive elements for viewers would also be a part of these type of developments.

Some gardens, like the victory garden of recent American history can unite and develop community by a unified cause or charitable effort.

Fundraising gardens, food bank allocation gardens, block initiative gardens are examples of this.

Community gardens can also become a profitable endeavor by expanding to including medicinal/holistic/osteopathic gardening, growing for local restaurants and food processors, farmers market gardens, or satisfying local specialty growing needs. They can also finance cold frame and greenhouse growing.


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