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June 5, 2012 by Zee

Cornucopia underway 3
I started my first community garden this year.

I’d secured the plot last year and headed into the winter with high hopes after a SHARE food seminar about preplanting garlic and potatoes.

Well winter flew by and nothing made it into the ground.

Spring began to creep by and it was tough to think about germinating seedlings, starting indoor shoots or even making it to the nursery to select plant varieties.

Still committed to the idea of the community garden and getting involved, I sheepishly attended the garden clean up day.

I pulled up weeds in the garden path, helped til the soil and got to know my garden mates.

Bill from Share food program (the same guy who’d given the seminar months before) showed up to participate in the garden day as well. Gratefully he brought the big guns with him! Earlier that day a load of compost had been delivered out back.

Bill and the garden members eagerly assisted in unloading all the seedlings that had been donated to SHARE that he’d brought for us.

Before I could even begin to “food” shop Bill was already hard at work tilling the beds with a rotary tool and adding the remains of  a leftover bag of bonemeal to some of the plots.

I was then able to select few hardy potentials and with a little help, get them into the ground and watered.

It was an amazing experience.

and I have to give it up for SHARE being there every  step of the way to make it possible.

The rush of the city slowed to a eternal pace within the confines of the chicken wire fencing, I could have stayed all day and laughed in that dirt.

Check out the SHARE program and how they can help YOUR future food


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