Garbage in, Gold Comes Out; Commercial Composting

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June 5, 2012 by Zee

There are two perspectives on tools for the environment service community.

Organic and Inorganic

This post discusses the organic needs of the community that could be redistributed or gathered amongst members.

150/365 Planting dahlias

Leftover (non-animal) food scraps can be potential gold for local gardeners.

Composting is a simple step that can reduce our carbon footprint.

By sending less waste to the landfills we conserve fuel, labor, bags and other resources.

Just as simply as we separate recyclables from disposables, we could separate vegetable and compost scraps.

This separate waste can be broken down and recycled much quicker than when mixed with other trash in traditional waste remediation techniques.

The separate compostable waste not only improves our environmental condition, can enhance local gardens, but it also turns trash into treasure as a profitable venture.

Furthermore, commercial compost sites can be used to transform vacant blight into a useful structure for community improvement.

Although it sounds farfetched, for profit composting systems have found a stable business model; in fact

The Dirt Factory just made a home for itself in Philly:

How can we use commercial composting to enhance our community and decrease blight?

How likely are you to consider signing up for this type of service?

What can we do to help grow and replicate commercial composting as a sustainable business model in Philadelphia and beyond?


How do YOU feel about it?

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