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June 5, 2012 by Zee

Community gardens can unite and enhance a community in a myriad of ways.

Gardens eventually end up developing their own community and are full of vitality in both spirit and nutrition!
Community gardens especially involve creative, nurturing people who turn faith ‘as tiny as a mustard seed’ into something beautiful, productive and long lasting.

Gardeners express amazing imagination, resourcefulness and creativity.

They can repurpose for the garden in amazing ways.

Discarded stones, bricks and wood can become pallets, walkways and garden structures.
Backyard Renovations Day 4

Old pots, planters, containers and dishes can be used to germinate, cultivate and capture the local bounty of nature goodness.

I propose a campaign action group I’ll call

Garden Fairies or Garden Gnomes

The members of this group would gather together and brainstorm

repurposing projects for the community gardens

possible pick up /donations of reusable items

redistribution of surpluses

coordinate with parks and recreation to use discarded trees and materials already paid for by the city

petition local businesses such as hardware stores, nurseries, for supply donations

secure space to store donations in preparation for fix, polish and distribution

Create artistic structures out of available repurpose materials for decorative and purposeful use in local gardens.
Organic vegetable garden, Kadoorie Farm, New Territories, Hong Kong


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